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A Garden Timeline

Major milestones in the garden, as best we can piece it all together!

  • Summers 2011-12: A growing, and more consistent, cadre of volunteers really focuses on the garden during Friends of Red Rocks workdays, making steady progress.
  • 2012, May 26: After a productive kickoff to the 2012 season, this website/blog is established to document the garden’s progress and history.
  • Summer 2011: Construction of new picnic area north of garden replaces an area of red Indian paintbrush (Castelleja linarifolia, not our typical variety); four clumps are salvaged and planted in the upper bed. (As of 2012, two seem to be doing very well.)
  • 2011, April: Sally creates an order for seedlings of native perennials; Mountain Parks purchases about 100 of them from grower and native gardener Rick Brune. Volunteers plant them at the workday April 30. Later, each tiny plant is flagged so we can find it again!
  • August 2010: Flagstone stairs between upper and lower bed are constructed by Theatres & Arenas and Aramark staff; former social path eliminated.
  • Spring-summer 2010: Garden volunteers begin meeting regularly on Friends of Red Rocks workdays (last Saturday) during summer months.
  • 2010, April 24: A team of volunteers struggles through snow and cold muck to plant 24 native shrubs and a dozen one-gallon perennial wildflowers (six each of beebalm and spiderwort) in the upper bed. Shrubs and perennials were purchased by Denver Mountain Parks.
  • 2009, August-September: Vivian and Sally collect native seeds in the park, and Sally attempts to grow them. Unsuccessful; next time we’ll contract out that part.
  • 2009, June: Lower flagstone steps connecting main garden path with walkway to Trading Post backyard are built by Theatres & Arenas and Aramark staff.
  • Spring 2009: Resurrection of the garden and the beginning of active weeding, planning, and expansion, stimulated by a planned donation from the Jordan family in memory of Jim Jordan to assist production of interpretive signs.

  • Most of 2007-08: Hiatus of major developments, but occasional guilt-ridden weeding occurs.
  • 2006, May 18: After dozens of native plants are custom-grown for the garden by Little Valley Nursery, a group of students from a local school (scroll down) assists in planting them in the lower bed. This session also involved considerable planting of old-fashioned perennials, especially iris and hollyhocks from Ron’s Denver garden, in the beds behind the Trading Post (aka ‘backyard’).
  • 2006, the blank canvas: ‘Before’ photos show how far we’ve come. Ron (Theatres & Arenas) installs a sign for Friends of Red Rocks outlining the concept and, in April, he creates a powerpoint presentation promoting the garden idea.
  • 1998, undated: A diagram in the Mountain Parks files outlines the garden areas and lists potential native plants to be used. We believe this early concept may have been developed shortly after the cactus garden area was cleared of giant chollas.
  • 1995: Completion of the Red Rocks Master Plan, which includes the vision of a native garden at the Trading Post.

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